Horse of the Year Winner 2011




April 2011

"Sienna "


Breed: Half Arabian/Half Appaloosa
Sex: Mare
Age: 19

Sienna is half Arabian and half Appaloosa and is 19 years old. She certainly does not look,act, or think that way though. Sienna deserves thi, as she has overcome many trials in her life. A year ago Sienna was diagnosed with cancer and after surgery and chemotherapy she appears to have beaten it. Sienna also recently recovered from a shoulder injury that took 6 months to heal completely. In addition, my baby has to be very patient with me, as I am in the National Guard and preparing to leave her for Iraq in May. The longest I've had to leave her is 6 months and this deployment will be much longer. As a result, Sienna will most likely remain boarded at the farm she is at and the manager will care for her. I tried to find a home for her, for while I was gone where I know she'd have someone to spend time with her, but that has not happened. Sienna is a champion. We love to fly down trails and jump. I got through high school because of her. I met 2 of my best friends thanks to her. With out her I would never have been able to make it to where I am in my military career. She is the most patient and understanding horse I've ever known and loves like no other horse possibly could.