Horse of the Month Winners 2011

July 2011

"Bubbles "


Bubbles" is my 8-year-old Cremello registered Quarter Horse mare. Cremello is a double-dilute color which is produced when you mate one dilute-gene-carrier to another. The dilute color gene is what causes palomino and buckskin colors. Mate two of them and you have a 50-50 possibility of producing a double-dilute. The palomino-palomino mating can produce a Cremello, with blue eyes. The buckskin-buckskin pairing can produce a Perlino, again with blue eyes. Mate a pally with a bucky and it's a 50/50 chance for either dd color - but it will ALWAYS be a dilute color. If I were to mate Bubs with a bay, I will be guaranteed a buckskin foal.

Her registered name is "Hey Pencil Me In", since the AQHA had just recinded the rule against accepting d-d's a month before she was foaled in 2003, therefor her color wasn't on the AQHA breeders' report and I had to literally pencil it in! Since she was the color of champagne bubbles when she came out of her mama, I started calling her "Bubbles".

Bubs is easy-going, and even-tempered with a sweet personality that she inherited from her mother. When I was going through all the stress of losing my husband (who died a few months after Bubs was foaled) she was there for me... when I leaned on her neck, she leaned into me and never got impatient.

Now she is my kind friend... always glad to see me, comes when called, neighs back to me when I whistle her in from the field.



June 2011




"Bobbie "


Bobbie is a 9 year old Haflinger gelding that was donated to Astride with Pride therapeutic riding program by the late Dr. Bill McCabe. Doc rescued Bobbie from an auction as he was in very bad shape. Doc asked us to take care of him and see if we could nurse him back to health. He was very underweight and had a respiratory infection. We were not sure he would make it as he was very, very sick. Once Bobbie was getting better, we found out how great a driving and riding pony he was. He seemed to like being at the program so he became ours as a generous donation from Doc McCabe.

Bobbie should have been named Dennis the Menace as he is always getting into trouble. He has a way of letting his halo slip at least once while he's out working, no matter who is handling him and what he's doing. His forte is working with riders with physical disabilities. He will do anything they ask with little to no "backtalk". It's as if he knows that they need his help and he does his best.

Bobbie had to step up to the plate and take on more riders when two of our therapy horses had to be retired. He has done so in Bobbie style.




April 2011

"Sienna "


Breed: Half Arabian/Half Appaloosa
Sex: Mare
Age: 19

Sienna is half Arabian and half Appaloosa and is 19 years old. She certainly does not look,act, or think that way though. Sienna deserves thi, as she has overcome many trials in her life. A year ago Sienna was diagnosed with cancer and after surgery and chemotherapy she appears to have beaten it. Sienna also recently recovered from a shoulder injury that took 6 months to heal completely. In addition, my baby has to be very patient with me, as I am in the National Guard and preparing to leave her for Iraq in May. The longest I've had to leave her is 6 months and this deployment will be much longer. As a result, Sienna will most likely remain boarded at the farm she is at and the manager will care for her. I tried to find a home for her, for while I was gone where I know she'd have someone to spend time with her, but that has not happened. Sienna is a champion. We love to fly down trails and jump. I got through high school because of her. I met 2 of my best friends thanks to her. With out her I would never have been able to make it to where I am in my military career. She is the most patient and understanding horse I've ever known and loves like no other horse possibly could.





March 2011


aka Merry


Breed: BLM Mustang
Sex: Mare
Age: 15


I purchased Ayasha 6 years ago this coming July. The lady I purchased her from rescued her for a horrible situation. Her former owner had severely abused her to the point that she lost all trust in humans. I spent every possible minute I could with her after she came to me to build her trust back up and help her remember that not all humans are evil. After 6 years together I have bounded with her closer than any other horse I have ever owned or worked with, and she is bounded closer to me more than we ever thought she would ever bound to a human. We have competed in many shows over the years bringing home lots of ribbons in Hunters, Jumpers, and Western classes. She has taught many kids to ride and loved her job as a teacher, but her all time favorite thing to do was jump (as you can tell from the picture) she would jump the moon if I had asked her to. Her heart soared with every jump. This past summer she had a flair up of an old injury (caused by the abuse) in her shoulder and had to be retired from jumping. The attached picture was taken at her last jumping show. She has taken to retired life far better than we would have ever expected!










February 2011


His registered name with the AMHR (American Miniature Horse Registry) is "Snofires Remington Steele". He is a 33 1/2 " tall, 2 year old Leopard Appaloosa. "Rem" is not only unique in body pattern but he has one blue and one brown eye. He is Mr. Personality Plus! Remington was a local celebrity as a foal with his picture in the paper at the Patrick County Fair. He loves to give his momma kisses, even if its feed time. He's always at the gate waiting for me and often will talk to me as I come out the door. He has a future career as a driving horse. His training will begin this summer. He's also slated as future herd sire as he has matured out beautifully! (Of course that's my biased "momma" opinion! LOL)

Photos of  him at 5 months of age.