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Coggins Clinic

Dr. Heather Hilgartner will be providing a Coggins Clinic on March 7th, 9am - 1pm. 

It will take place at Liberty Lake Park, which is an easy place for trailers to drive through with a nice safe area to unload. 

She will be offering vaccines for those who call ahead and make a request.  Horses that are vaccinated will receive a free vaccine exam. 

She will also check teeth on those who would like a brief exam.



Dr. Marty Adams, Southern States Equine Nutritionist will be speaking on new feed products (Gastro-tech, Alfalox & Carbcare Balancer). There will also be information on pasture management and barn safety.

Due to limited space please call the Southern States store, 540-586-8201 and let them know if you will be attending. Dinner at 6pm with program to follow.


Main Street Methodist Church Fellowship Hall - March 19th - 6pm